Liesel City, a Virtual Reality City



This is a bit of a breakthrough piece for me.
I’ve been trying to paint my vision of what Liesel City would look like since the summer of 2013. At the time my skills were insufficient. I had numerous failures and disappointments. I’m pleased to announced I’ve finally completed one painting that I am decently happy with while representing the mood of Liesel City. Liesel City is a virtual reality city. A city I’ve wanted to draw and build for a long time.

Virtual reality, fully immersive virtual reality holds vast potential in expanding our experiences. Imagine developing worlds which cannot exists in real physical reality or would otherwise be impractical to build. Imaging sampling the delights of your favorite dishes, but without physically eating them. Imagine feeling the breeze, the crisp air, or the aromas of flowers without actually being in that place. Fully Immersive virtual reality has the potential to immerse not just our visual and hearing senses in the simulated environment but our sense of touch, smell, and taste as well. And as for visual and hearing? Those senses would also be immersed to the point of indistinguishable from real reality in terms of realism. These are the ultimate goal of fully immersive virtual reality.

I see fully immersive virtual reality as one of the most expressive forms of art. We are creating worlds that we can interact with the same way we do with real reality. What world would you create? Superstructures in the styles of baroque, Arabian, or roman architecture? Structures that would easily set you back trillions of dollars to build in real life? What about a Cancun planet, an entire planet with the same area as Jupiter, but it’s just one gigantic oversize tropical paradise. What animals would you want to create? Dragons that you can interact with? Or what about some of our already existent cities, but in a hyper realistic zombie game. These are some of the possibilities of fully immersive virtual reality.

Be someone else? Another possibility of virtual reality. In virtual reality, we can choose avatars which look significantly different from our current ones. You do not even have to be human, you could be an elf, a Na’vi, anything you can think of.

The worlds I would like to create like Liesel City would be virtual reality continent sized cities. And I do look forward to a point in time when the technological capacities to render out, and procedurally generate such worlds and with a variety of customization become possible. I am very excited about the potential in what virtual reality will bring to us in terms of expanding our expression. And this technology is not centuries away, but decades. We should have visual virtual reality within the 2020s, and full on immersion by the 2030s according to a famous scientist and entrepreneur Ray Kurtzweil. Now moores law had slow down, and the shift from this paradigm shift to the next one maybe taking longer than we anticipate, but it likely wouldn’t severely change our predictions, at least not by more than a decade. Regardless, we will very likely make the transition to a new paradigm in computing. Perhaps with the use of 3d chips and carbon nanotubes for computing.

Visual Virtual Reality according to Ray Kurtz:
eyeglasses, it’ll be memory images right to a retina and put us in a three dimensional full immersion visual auditory environment so rather being in here it’ll be three dimensional and all of three dimensional out there will be in this three dimensional environment and will be able to walk around and we’re like, to feel like we’ll be able to look at ourselves but wouldn’t necessarily have the same body that we have in real reality and it’ll become more and moirĂ© realistic, go out 10 years it’s going to be just about as realistic as real reality.

Full on Immersion Virtual Reality (things get more challenging and complex):
nanobots, these blood cell size devices will be going in our bodies keeping us healthy from inside. We’ll have some go inside our brains to the capillaries not invasively, there would be interacting with our biological neurons so it’ll extends our memory, our decision making faculties, put our brains on the internet and they also enable us to enter virtual reality environment from within the nervous system.

for on to go in the virtual reality environment, the nanobots will shut down the signals coming from I realize in my real skin and create the signals that will be appropriate for the virtual environment and that will feel like I’m in that environment and I’ll have a virtual body and those environment could be the same body I have in real reality, it could be a different body, a couple could become each other, experience relationship from the others perspective

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