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Liesel City Night & Day

  Ballooning in 19th century style hot air balloons in Liesel City at midnight. The gas giant right of the dome is a gas moon at ~25 Earth Masses and about 7 Earth Radii.  The main gas giant is ~12 Jupiter Masses and is the main light source in this scene.  Scene takes place on an […]


  A colossal dragon egg is beginning to crack. The egg stands 225 meters tall by 180 meters wide in an elevation of 2450 meters above sea level. The egg, also known as Collorossas is one of the nearly extincted species of dragons throughout the solar system.

Liesel City, a Virtual Reality City

  This is a bit of a breakthrough piece for me. I’ve been trying to paint my vision of what Liesel City would look like since the summer of 2013. At the time my skills were insufficient. I had numerous failures and disappointments. I’m pleased to announced I’ve finally completed one painting that I am […]